Your Cup

A free four-part online seminar for people who work in the disability sector.

Women’s Choice and Change

Women’s Choice and Change is a free group support program for women in NSW who have experienced domestic and family violence. We aim to help you feel safe and supported again after a difficult time in your life.

Choice and Change for Women with a Disability

A free face-to-face support group that provides skills and strategies to move forward after a experiences with domestic and family violence.

Self Esteem and Communication

Self Esteem and Communication is an 8-session group program to help you develop self-confidence, communication skills and conflict resolution abilities. It's ideal for those who have experienced difficulties in your relationships, including domestic violence.

Managing Anger

Managing Anger is an 8-session workshop for people who need help and support for their anger-related issues. It is suitable for individuals who want to identify the signs of anger and help them learn how to manage their own anger, as well as anger from others.
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