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At Relationships Australia NSW, we understand how challenging family life can be from time to time. Arguments, disagreements can cause considerable distress, but in some instances issues will run far more deeply. With the right kind of guidance, however, families can begin to work toward a resolution.

There are many issues that can cause rifts within a family. Substance abuse, domestic violence and other problems can tear families apart. The experienced staff at Relationships Australia NSW is here to help and guide you through any concerns within your family.



One of the most difficult challenges for families is separation or divorce. Not only does such a decision affect the relationship between partners, it can also impact children and extended family members.

Anxiety, depression and all manner of mental health issues can also alter the balance of family life, as can stress and other work-related tensions. With a significant percentage of Australians suffering from stress on a regular basis, it is important to seek help as soon as possible to prevent such conditions from taking a toll on your relationships.

Family arguments or disputes can also be detrimental to the relationships between parents and children. Finances, illness and responsibility to sexuality and gender issues can become points of contention, Relationships Australia NSW can help you work through these.



No matter what problems may be affecting your family, Relationships Australia NSW will help you to work through them. We have a number of useful resources that can help families to work together and solve any disputes. Even if you aren’t yet ready to suggest professional help to your family members, you can always come to us for a confidential talk about the issues that face your family.

Family therapy involves a professional counsellor working directly with family members to address concerns. Sessions focus on the challenges of family relationships and the importance of communication, and can be a helpful way for families to work their way through a range of issues. Online Counselling is also available via chat or Skype.

Additionally, your family could attend a Family Relationship Centre (FRC) which will provide you support, information and referrals to assist you with your relationship issues and to feel valued in moving forward. You can talk about your situation with our highly trained staff who will listen to you in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment.



Relationships Australia NSW offers a range of counselling services and when you visit us, you’ll meet with trained professionals who specialise in either psychology, social work or counselling, especially with regards to family matters.

To get the help you and your family need, be sure to contact us. You can call us on 1300 364 277.

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