Aboriginal Australians

Aftercare Resource Centre (ARC)

Whether you are preparing to leave out-of-home care, or you have left your care arrangements and are transitioning into independent living, the Aftercare Resource Centre (ARC) can provide you with support and information that will enable you to start the process of independent living effectively.

Forced Adoption Support Service

The Forced Adoption service was set up following the government apology in 2013 to people affected by forced adoption policies and practices. These include mothers, fathers, adopted people and extended family members.

Wattle Place

Wattle Place provides support services specifically for, Forgotten Australians, anyone who experienced institutional or other out-of-home care as children, people of the Stolen Generations, Former Child Migrants who were placed in institutional or other out-of-home care and people seeking support with understanding the National Redress Scheme.

Caber-ra Nanga Engage

Caber- ra Nanga means ‘resting the mind’, a Gaimaragal word gifted to our program by Professor Dennis Foley, Gaimaragal language speaker.

Caber-ra Nanga Engage builds capacity through the delivery of tailored Aboriginal mental health first aid training in schools, with the aim of improving mental health outcomes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community in our region.

This free program also offers educational resources, comprehensive service coordination and cultural advice and support facilitated through our Caber-ra Nanga Engagement Worker. Together, these components are designed to strengthen and deepen community links and build the capacity of community leaders and service providers to respond to mental health and wellness.

The Caber-ra Nanga Engage Mental Health First Aid is delivered by Ochre and Salt Pty Ltd.
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