Getting Focused

This is a fortnightly group for men attending the Men’s Behaviour Change (MBC) Program who are currently accessing its casework program and waiting for the next Taking Responsibility group to commence.

Who is it for?

This group is aimed at men who have used violence or controlling behaviours in their relationships and are working towards building relationships that are respectful and caring.

What will it be like?

It is an open discussion group for men to better understand what domestic violence is and what goals are needed to have to address it.

Key outcomes

  • Clarify your problems.
  • Gain new perspectives.
  • Work through change.

How can it help me?

It is an opportunity to combine a supportive group environment with the casework to develop and start addressing goals that work towards behaving in non-violent and non-abusive ways.

Its focus is on:

  • Understanding family violence (what it is and what it isn’t)
  • Understanding how you can make best use of our casework and group programs
  • Developing your goals, regarding what you want to achieve while involved with our program
  • Learning to communicate and behave in non violent and non abusive ways.

Booking this program

You can book into this program by either calling us on 1300 364 277 or emailing us at


The fees have been waived for this program.

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Getting Focused
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